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About us

About Natural Pharmacy

For more than 30 years, we have been devoted ourselves to be the world's leading online pharmacy.

Natural Pharmacy CEO and Chief Pharmacist, Keiko Kitahara says: "We're passionate about health as well as improving the quality of life of those suffering from various ailments and conditions."

Keiko has created a strong online profile for the company, focusing attention on the wealth of diverse offerings the company provides to consumers alongside helpful tips for better health. By merging fresh, new trends with time-honored medicine, She has embraced the changing technology that makes online pharmaceuticals - both prescription and over-the-counter options - popular while finding a way to retain respect for age-old homeopaths that continue to be an essential part of both Asian and Western medicine.

As a certified online distributer, our company offers customers the ability to purchase pharmaceuticals safely and in full confidence that what they're ordering is of superior quality. At Natural Pharmacy, we offer a wider range of product options than your corner drug store, easier access to written information about the drugs you take and more convenient searching, since you can use the site's search engine rather than roaming the aisles of your corner store is search of the product you want.

Our product range also offers a diverse line of beauty and cosmetic products, Japanese traditional herbal medicines (exploring a wealth of traditional natural remedies dating back centuries), birth control options, health food, medicine cabinet supplies such as bandages and antiseptics, health-related equipment such as diabetes testing supplies(blood glucose monitors and test strips), products for babies and expecting mums, nursing supplies, pet-related items including grooming products and medicinal items as well as almost 2,500 prescription drugs, sports medicine items and testing kits for both ovulation and pregnancy.

Being part of a new approach to disease management makes her a smart choice for all your pharmaceutical needs, whether you're in the market for prescription drugs or are looking for over-the-counter medicines to stock up on in time for flu season.

Ultimately, when it comes to using an online pharmacy for purchasing prescription drugs, cosmetics and other items, Natural Pharmacy is an excellent choice, and one that you can feel good about.

Private importing

Personal Import over the Internet is the act of purchasing a product sold overseas with the intention of using it personally. Please be aware that you are responsible for the products you import. It is the customer's responsibility to import. In case of failing to make it through customs, please deal with it by yourselves. Transfer or sale of the imported goods to another individual or party is not allowed.

Customers making purchases may in some cases be required to pay duty, customs, fees, consumption taxes or other charges when the purchase price on the import application exceeds the exemption amount. Rules covering customs and duty vary by country. For details, please contact the local customs service in your country.

Name Natural Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location

1-9-12, Kitanakaburi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka, 573-0064, Japan


Keiko Kitahara

Founded August 2014
Business outline Retailer and Wholesaler for Drug and Health Food