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Tsumura Hachimigan[7] : 42 sachets(for two weeks)

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Manufacturer TSUMURA & CO.
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Ingredient Code 5200121
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Hachimijiogan is indicated for the relief of the followingsymptoms of those patients with severe fatigue or malaise, decreased urinary output or increased urinary frequency, drymouth, and alternate cold and hot feeling in the extremities:Nephritis, diabetes mellitus, impotence, sciatica, low backpain, beriberi, cystorrhea, prostatic hypertrophy and hypertension


42 sachets


Granules Grayish-brown

Active Ingredients

7.5 g(3sachets for 1day)of TSUMURA Hachimijiogan extract granules contains 4.0 g of a dried extract of the following mixed crude drugs.JP Rehmannia Root 6.0 gJP Cornus Fruit 3.0 gJP Dioscorea Rhizome 3.0 gJP Alisma Rhizome 3.0 gJP Poria Sclerotium 3.0 gJP Moutan Bark 2.5 gJP Cinnamon Bark 1.0 gJP Powdered Processed Aconite Root 0.5 g(JP: The Japanese Pharmacopoeia)


Chronic nephritis, nephritic syndrome
Diabetes mellitus, diabetic neuropathy
Prostatic hypertrophy, chr
Urge urinary incontinence
Low back pain
Osteoporosis after menopause
Senile pruritus
Male infertility
Erectile dysfunction
Congestive heart failure


The usual adult dose is 7.5 g/day orally in 2 or 3 divided doses before or between meals. The dosage may be adjusted ac-cording to the patient's age and body weight, and symptoms.


1.Careful administration(TJ-7should be administered with care in the following patients.)
(1)Patients with strong constitution[Adverse reactions are likely to occur, and the symptoms may be aggravated.]
(2)Patients with sensitivity to heat, a tendency towards hot flush and red face.
[Palpitation, hot flush, numbness of the tongue, nausea,etc.may occur.]
(3)Patients with an extremely weak gastrointestinal tract [Anorexia, epigastric distress, nausea, vomiting,feelingof enlarged abdomen, diarrhea, constipation,etc. may
(4)Patients with anorexia, nausea or vomiting [These symptoms may be aggravated.]

2.Important Precautions
(1)When TJ-7is used, the patient’s “SHO" (constitution/symptoms) should be taken into account. The patient’s progress should be carefully monitored, and if no
improvement in symptoms/findings is observed, continuous treatment should be avoided.
(2)WhenTJ-7is coadministered with other Kampo-preparations (Japanese traditional herbal medicines) etc., attention should be paid to the duplication of the contained
crude drugs. Special caution should be exercised when this product is oadministered with preparations containing Aconite Root.

3.Adverse Reactions
TJ-7has not been investigated (drug use investigations, etc.)to determine the incidence of adverse reactions. Therefore, the incidence of adverse reactions is not known.
Storage Store in light-resistant, air-tight containers